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The John Lovato Show

Jan 31, 2019

Point #1: making those struggling teach to show understanding

Point #2: not taking engine oos


Lesson: experiences change us. Be adaptable

Jan 24, 2019


  1. Most want you to be good, just not better than them

This is why you someone being nick picked

  1. It’s a sign you’re occupying space, you’re a contender. Take it as a compliment

  2. I share to keep myself accountable


Jan 21, 2019

Point #1: taking things personal

Point #2: if it’s important enough to be a problem then it’s important to fix what you can

Lesson: we have the power and ability to change how things affect us

Jan 17, 2019

Point #1: Our opinions are based on our own experiences and though process

Point #2: You do not have to argue when you do not agree

Point #3: Just listen and look for the lesson

Lesson: We will encounter different ways of thinking and acting through our entirely lives. It is so easy to want to push your own way of...